My friend Erin helped me to create some amazing shoes. It was a great creative experiment that I just loved. If you’d like to make your own, you can follow these instructions.

1) Take some plain canvas shoes and color them with sharpies. I found some in the Kids section at Walmart for $5. Oddly enough, I’m a size smaller in kids. You can make up your own designs or use stencils to get cool designs.



2) Then add rubbing alcohol so the sharpie’s color bleeds. You can also write quotes or sentences on the bottom of your shoes.



3) Once you have the colors and designs you like, you have two choices. You can leave it as is or add glitter. I used the Martha Stewart glitter that I found in my random collection of craft supplies. You can find it here: Martha Stewart Crafts Essential Glitter. I also used Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Glue, which was about five years old but still worked just fine.


They turned out pretty great!


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